What Can Laser Machinery Do?

Laser machines are industrial equipment that can be used on an enterprise or large scale. The machines produce artistic lettering, symbols, brand designs, trademarks, and photos. These items can be etched on to a variety of surfaces, including wood and fabric. Smaller machines can be used to support small to medium-sized businesses and typically cost under $5,000. Larger machines support full-scale operations and can run as high as $80,000. The Boss laser is a line of laser machinery that can produce a variety of designs.

Types of Designs

The different types of designs that laser machinery can produce include glass etching, rubber stamps, and sign engraving. Additional applications include wood engraving, imprinting designs on acrylic and plastic, leather engraving, engraved gifts, metal etching, and photo etching. Laser machinery can also be used in classrooms to teach students about wood working, wood cutting, metal cutting, and model making. The versatility of laser machinery’s capabilities even extends into laser engraving on stone materials.

Financing and Support

With the high costs of laser machinery, many wonder whether this type of purchase is within reach. Some equipment manufacturers offer lease and financing programs to help offset the costs. Educators can also apply for grants or use fund-raising programs to cover some of the costs. Leasing the equipment has several advantages, including built-in support and the ability to secure used equipment, which often equates to lower expenses. Those who wish to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease have this option, often at a reduced market value since the depreciation on the equipment has already been paid over the term of the lease. Check into various payment options, the total costs, and how much money will need to be put down before entering into a lease term.

The ability to make artistic creations and gifts on a mass scale is a main advantage of using laser machinery. Those who wish to learn wood working or how to create 3-D models in the classroom can also benefit from these types of machines. Even though the cost may seem out of reach, check to see what lease and financing options are available. These options can help make the cost worthwhile, while spreading out the expenses into affordable payments.