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Reasons why you need to Adhere to Keto Diet

This diet involves intake of more fats and proteins, and little carbs. The main focus for the keto diet is to ensure that there are little or no calories derived from carbs, and the majority of the calories are produced by the fats and proteins. This can only arise when the stored carbs have been exhausted thus compelling the body to breakdown the fats and proteins stored in the body. Below are the reasons why you need to adhere to the keto diet.

Weight loss is another important benefit of staying in ketogenic diet. A lot of work must be done for the proteins and fats to be oxidized in the body to produce energy. This makes keto diet the most efficient method for weight loss than the other diets. Ketogenic diet contains proteins, which will help you during starvation, thus ensuring that you don’t starve while on keto diet. More intake of carbs will lead to massive weight gains because there will be more sugars stored in the body which add up to the general body weight. When you are on ketogenic diet, the intake of carbs is reduced to the lowest amounts so that there are little sugars stored in the body. Energy is produced because all the sugars present in the body will be easily broken down.

Another important benefit of adhering to the keto diet is that it will eliminate acne. Acne is believed to be caused by a lot of issues including dietary causes. Processed foods have a lot of sugars which when they are ingested, they trigger bacteria which cause acne. The diet contributes to the reduction of blood sugars thus suppressing the bacteria that is responsible for causing acne. All the skin cells that had been affected by the acne bacteria will be allowed to rejuvenate and hence giving the skin a good new look.

This diet has also been found to facilitate suppression of cancer cells, hence aids in cancer treatment. Studies show that ketogenic diet can be used to compliment both radiotherapy and chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer. This is because, the diet causes more oxidative stress on the cancer cells that the normal body cells. Ketogenic diet has also been found to regulate blood sugar levels thus playing a major role in preventing the body from cancers that are caused by insulin complications. This is because, there is a lowered sugar in the body courtesy of the keto diet, and as a result, these insulin complications are eliminated. The levels of cholesterol in the blood is significantly reduced when the diet is correctly observed. There is normalization of blood circulation because there is no cholesterol that hinders blood flow in the body.

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