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It Is Right to Chew Gum When Wearing Orthodontic Braces?

Several adjustments are required when one get braces from the orthodontist. The essences of the adjustment are to make the function of the braces to be more effective. Wearing of the mouthguard will be necessary when you are going to the sports field. Also, there are some foods you shall be required to eat and others you shall avoid. It is paramount to remember that you cannot get good results without putting some efforts. Most of the people do not know whether it is okay to consume gum when you have braces.

Chewing gums has several benefits to the mouth. First it helps to deal with tooth decay. The amount of saliva is going to increase when you chew gum for more than 20 minutes. Saliva is going to clean your mouth. Another benefit of extra saliva in your mouth is because they are going to expel the acid that is produced by the bacteria. People beside chew gums, because it makes the tooth enamel stronger.

If you have braces, it is not a good idea to chew gum. You are going to make a surprise visit to the orthodontist if you do not follow the directive. This is because the gum can get stuck on the braces, and they are challenging to remove. The brace will also get bent because of sticking. It is vital always to remember that even a slight bending can adversely affect the intended tooth alignment. The misalignment is going to continue if you do not spot the bending within the right time. Consequently, it is going to take weeks before you can get the right tooth alignment.

Many people with braces continue to use the gum despite. If the gum gets stuck, you must remove it through cleaning very quickly. You should use a toothbrush to get the work done. It is, however, vital to be vigilant as vigorous brushing can damage the wire. When there is sticking between teeth; you should consider flossing. If flossing cannot loose then gum, then the last solution is to see an orthodontist.

You must follow the guideline of the orthodontist if you have braces. If you chew gum; it will affect the effectiveness of the braces. Some of the people consider gums to relieve themselves from pain originating from the new orthodontic alignment. However, you can consider several over the counter medications that are going to mask the discomfort arising from the orthodontic adjustment. You should not solely rely on your gum to have fresh breath as there are other alternatives such as drinking lemon and citrus.

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