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Effective ways of Neck Pain Treatment

Most people suffer from neck pain but lack the knowledge on how to get rid of it. Neck pains are a result of factors such as heavy lifting and bad postures to those who work long hours on computers. Not all exercises are safe for getting rid of neck pain, but there are some that are ideal for the same.

Neck rotation is one of the effective methods that can be used to eliminate neck pain. The neck rotations method requires that you start by standing with feet at hip-width apart. Push your shoulders back as you stand up straight. Lean your head to the right side as you hold it there for 10 seconds. Rolling your head forward, ensure your chin encroaches your collar bone. Holding your head in that position for 10 seconds, you should feel the pull on your back neck. Stretch your head to the left side, ear towards your left shoulder and you will have finished the stretch. Keep your head in that position for another 10 seconds and then repeat the whole process for 5-10 times.

The cat cow asana is another exercise that will work for you whenever you have neck pain. On your hands and knees, you need to start the cat cow asana on a tabletop position. The cat part of this stretch involves curving your back just like a stretching cat. On the other hand, the cow part involves dropping your stomach towards the ground as you reverse your arch in your back. Lift your chin to the ground as you arch downwards. In that position, spend a few seconds breathing deeply then repeat the process 10 times.

The isometric neck stretch has two roles which include building strength to your neck muscles and strengthening your neck muscles. In a balanced standing position, place your right-hand palm against the right side of your head. Press the head into your palm for three second and then switch to the left side of your head with your left-hand palm. With your forehead pressed into both palms, repeat the exercise.

Back burner stretch is ideal for relieving pain in all your upper muscles. Start with your back against a wall as you push your lower back against the wall as well. As you stick your arms in a T position, ensure your wrists and basks of your arm touches the wall. Moving your hands slowly up and down the wall, complete the exercise five times and repeat it frequently in the day.

Foam rolling is another stretch exercise whereby you begin by sitting on the ground with the foam roller behind you. Letting your arms fall to the side, gently lean onto the foam roller. Lean your foam roller along the spine for 30 seconds.
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